The SABER™ (simulated, autonomous, binary, electric, robotic) economy is upon us, and it is pivotal that the motorsports industry capitalizes on this opportunity now. The MBA fully embraces technology and the future of automotive – and, specifically, their role within the world of motorsports. We are committed to working closely with both OEM’s and innovators on solutions that will appeal to the next generation auto buyer and race fans. Here are some ways how:


The intersection of the e-sports explosion and the motorsports industry is at our doorstep. The MBA has laid the groundwork to launch an innovative sim racing academy focused on the implementation of sim racing into STEM, STEAM, and various youth programs. The first academy will launch in Indianapolis, Ind. and expansion plans are already underway for other key markets throughout the United States. The MBA is building a network for the motorsports industry and will provide hardware, services, equipment, and a turn-key business plans to operators, agencies, and entrepreneurs.


The autonomous vehicle movement is evolving at a rapid pace, and the MBA is strategically positioned to jumpstart the motorsports industry’s involvement. This plan features invitations to automakers, technology companies, and independent engineers to develop shared and independent testing programs that reduce the cost and liability during the research and development process. Since the inception of motorsports, the racetrack has been a proving ground for automakers, and the MBA will ensure this continues into the next generation. In addition to private testing, we will also organize public autonomous competitions at select racetracks, identify participants, and provide consumer experiences at the racetrack.


In an era defined by unfiltered diversity in content choice, and absolute freedom of creating opportunities, who says vehicles must race in one specific format? As an industry, the freedom exists to mix-and-match, test alternative vehicles, create head-to-head technologies, generate team competitions, and rethink the one-size-fits-all type of racing. The barrier of entry into motorsport is already high and on the rise. It isn’t just about changing the norms or bending the rules – it’s about redefining them. The MBA is a clearinghouse for new ideas, and we are eager to discuss, research, develop and produce new formats that will attract new fans, participants, and ownership to motorsports.


The development and evolution of electric vehicles – and the increase in their popularity and demand in the market – continues to grow. A major international sanctioning body has established a foothold in the electric motorsports space, but the reception amongst hardcore American racing fans is mixed. The MBA is committed to assist with the promotion of this budding industry and to assemble key stakeholders to devise a strategic direction forward. This includes advocacy, uniting OEM’s, building an aftermarket supply chain, and developing a low-cost electric race car ready for competition by 2022.

Ride and Drives

Most racetracks are idle for a good portion of the calendar year and are underutilized for national initiatives. There is a tremendous opportunity for OEMs – and other influential stakeholders – to take advantage of the available time at these facilities. The MBA will collaborate with track operators, OEMs and other key players on impactful national programs that will bring dealer networks and consumers together to celebrate the automotive industry. Ride and drives will highlight these exclusive events, which provide consumers with an opportunity to engage automakers directly.