Value Based Sponsorship

The sponsorship market across all professional sports has changed – and the intensity of the competition for promotional dollars has never been higher. The days of passive activation plans, over-valued track signage, and non-measurable ROI are over.

The MBA provides value-based sponsorship services that cover everything from acquisition, measurement, management, retention and – most importantly – maximizing value. We offer solutions that work for brands. For racetracks. For teams. For you.

Procurement, RFP Creation, Management, and Counsel

One of the most revolutionary initiatives that the MBA will oversee is a sponsorship request for proposal (RFP) process. A preferred method of brands that allow them to outline their expectations and to provide the direction to entities (teams, tracks, series) interested in competing for sponsorship. RFPs increase our member’s chances of attracting new business – and to retain current partners – throughout the industry. In select cases, properties and teams have the option to “list” their own RFP, which provides brands the chance to bid/shop an opportunity in advance of the formal process. This terrain may be steep for some in the industry to embrace, but it is a core strength of the MBA and one that we can help every party navigate efficiently.

B2B Outreach, Introduction, and Brokerage

At the MBA your business is our business – and no other industry provides the opportunity for trade, collaboration, pass-through rights and overall growth like motorsports. Every year billions of dollars in commerce are being exchanged between American motorsports and its respective stakeholders. The MBA is a connector that identifies opportunities to convert purchases made inside-and-outside the sport into sponsorship or value-add product or service. The MBA can also develop and manage vendor programs and evaluate how to leverage key business lines.

Account Management and Retention

The expectations from corporate partners are on the rise and many teams, tracks and agencies are juggling multiple accounts with varying priorities. The MBA can be contracted for a fee to ensure that programs stay accountable.  We offer third-party support from start to finish to make sure deal points are appropriately executed, priorities are managed accordingly, and deliverables happen. Throughout the agreement, the MBA checks in with stakeholders (properties, agencies, and brands) to eliminate pain points and provide strategic counsel.

Group Ticketing

Simply put, the health of motorsports is measured by event attendance and television viewership. The MBA has an immediate solution that will boost one of these crucial areas by selling and marketing discount race tickets in exchange for a commission. This service offers relief and limits exposure to tracks and sanctioning bodies with unused ticket inventory. The MBA strategy is clear: We target in-sport partners, their employees, customers and families, military, first responders, large employers within a 50-mile radius of the event, school systems, and endemic groups. These influencer groups present a genuine opportunity to convert first-time attendees into long-term fans.

Strategic Counsel

The MBA understands motorsports and the nuances that come with the details of sponsorship – no matter if you’re a buyer or a seller in the market. Our team has been on both sides of the table and has the experience necessary to cut through the noise and the non-essential deal points. The MBA knows what it takes to succeed in this industry, and we are here to help you.